The Moscow School of New Cinema is a school of a fundamentally new format.

She teaches not only the craft, she teaches "sight." To make a chair, You need to first have the idea of a chair to make a spear, you need to first
Have an idea of a spear to make a film, you need to first have an idea Film of the film. You can not teach "to do" without teaching "to see."

Goals and objectives

MSoNC aims to release for the film industry - directors, screenwriters, cameramen, actors, and those who know the skills and knowledge that modern cinema requires.

The school teaches to be sensitive to modern material and create from this material
«lively» cinema. The volume and specificity of educational programs is built in accordance with the needs and standards of the film industry.

Cinematography is sensitive to changes in the surrounding world, reflecting them and, accordingly,
changing. Teaching in the School is built in such a way that during the period of study the student must
begin to orient not only in the cinema, but also in a wider field of culture and art.
Once in the labyrinth of related disciplines, he can not only master the languages, skills, scripting technique and filmmaking, but also to form his own
world outlook, to find his point of reference.

The school aims to give students not only basic knowledge of the profession, but also to allow them to be in the epicenter of today's art. School Challenge & mdash; Educate capable directors, screenwriters, actors, cameramen, film critics who could change the professional landscape of Russian cinema in the near future.


We live in "time", and every time is concerned about building your own picture of the world.

To build a "picture", new instruments are needed - optical instruments. The old suddenly become unfit. The artist's point of view is changing, shifting, thus causing a variety of images and styles.

Language and Style

You can not use the old tools, the old moves, styles. From the old language, energy, fluid has gone. And there is no sense in learning the dead and canons.